Head of Real Estate Development and Investments-Saudi 2020-2021
Head of Real Estate Development and Investments-Saudi 2020-2021

Head of Real Estate Development and Investments-Saudi 2020-2021


We are looking for Saudi Candidate to lead and oversee all real estate development and investment for the division in KSA, BAH, and UAE with a focus on KSA based in Dammam. The role is primarily focused on identifying and pursuing real estate projects to the division and growing the portfolio of income-generating assets along with reporting on portfolio performance. The role shall also focus on providing market intelligence to Divisional Management and keeping abreast of major developments and market trends.

Main Responsibilities Head of Real Estate Development and Investments-Saudi 2020-2021:

• Produce investment proposals to the CEO containing all relevant information to the proposed development including cash-flows and financial assessments.
• Source business development initiatives through the project viability stage.
• Initiate deal flow and new business opportunities from either a direct business relationship and/or third-party introductions such as property consultants or banks or in-house research to identify suitable markets and sectors.
• Identify the potential partners and stakeholders throughout the business cycle and conduct analysis and track record studies to identify and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the partners/stakeholders.
• Monitor and report on divisional progress towards objectives and KPIs along with monitoring portfolio performance, ensuring business activities align to meet divisional and corporate goals with the aim of achieving the stated vision and mission.
• Review and analyze opportunities to determine risks, returns, benefits, strategic fit, and alternatives available and recommend the appropriate course of action for the Division.
• Regular performance reviews and reporting of development and investment performance
• Developing financial models to evaluate investment opportunities including DCF, and ROI cash flow models, and financial projections for deals.
• Perform market research as required to support transactions and opportunities under consideration.
• Document Opportunities and maintain opportunities database.

Requirements for Head of Real Estate Development and Investments-Saudi 2020-2021

Qualifications and Experience

• MBA, or MSc in Finance or Engineering.
• Bachelor’s Degree in Science related field (Finance or Engineering preferably).
• 7-10 years of experience in Real Estate Investment.
• Extensive executive-level management & Real Estate Industry experience.
• Expert in Corporate Finance, Real Estate Development, Property Finance, and Strategic Analysis.
• Must possess strong financial analysis skills, including detailed discounted cash flow analysis utilizing financial systems, Excel or similar programs, and demonstrated ability to analyze and implement complex financial models and structures and evaluation of corresponding risks.
• Highly effective communication, presentation, and listening abilities are essential for navigating company investment/development opportunities through the multitude of public and private steps for successful completion of economic goals and objectives.
• Must have robust interpersonal skills, social intelligence, and political acumen.
• Strong visionary with a proven entrepreneurial mindset.
• Political awareness, professional expertise, financial orientation, self-starting initiative, cross cultural awareness, organization astuteness, and team spirit.
• Ability to select, develop, and motivate necessary management talent to maintain the company’s overall objectives.
• Strong interpersonal skills such as leadership, communication, persuasion, motivation, loyalty, and openness.
• Must be a professional of unquestionable integrity, credibility, and character.
• Should be detail-oriented Organize and Independent.
• Proficiency in both English and Arabic Language.
• Saudi National Requirement is preferred.

About the Company

Established in 1890, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo (YBA Kanoo) started from a humble trading and shipping enterprise founded in Bahrain by Haji Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo. From Bahrain, the business spread to Saudi Arabia in the 1930s.

In 1967, Hamed Kanoo came from Saudi Arabia to the UAE to expand the family business. Having successfully established Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo (YBA Kanoo)’s operations in Khafji in the Kingdom, the company asked him to replicate the same in UAE too. With only 5 people including him, Hamed Kanoo managed to put-up The Kanoo Group as a trading name in the UAE Map. At present, The Kanoo Group operates in UAE and Oman. Mishal Hamed Kanoo serves as the Chairman, with over 1,200 employees working for its divisions.

The Kanoo family remained true to their early values. This adherence to ethics and beliefs made them an essential component of regional business life.

One of the first industries that Kanoo excelled at was shipping. No one could have predicted that it would challenge the monopoly of long-established British companies and goes on to become the largest regional shipping agency in the Middle East. Kanoo Shipping is one of the founders of S5 Agency World Ltd. and was the first Arab shipping agency in the region in 1911. At present, Kanoo Shipping operates in 20 countries and in all principal ports and offshore tanker loading terminals around the Arabian Peninsula, including Iraq. It handles 11,000 port calls every year which covers all ports in the Suez to India range.

The historic rise of Kanoo Travel has proven similarly impressive. The group’s interest in travel started in 1937 when the company used to provide refueling facilities for Imperial Airline sea-planes en route to India and Australia. In 1947, Kanoo Travel became the first IATA agency in the Gulf and became the very first travel company in the Middle East to receive the ISO certification in 1997.

The Group’s other success story began in the mid-1960s. Kanoo Machinery used to supply construction and material handling equipment in the region. At that time, the UAE was just setting up its oil and gas industry and developing its infrastructure. By providing the government and private sectors with world-class equipment and services, Kanoo Machinery helped lay down the foundations of the vital sectors of the UAE’s economy.

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