Top 10 Problems Faced by Pakistani Students in Learning the English Language

In this article, you will learn all about the Top 10 Problems Faced by Pakistani Students in Learning the English Language.

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You go anywhere in the world people can speak the English language and understand it. The English language is a common language in the world.

Without language, it’s very difficult for people to share their thoughts with other people. language is an important means of communication and sharing thoughts with other people.

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before going toward, the problems faced by students, First, I would like to say something about the importance of the English language in Pakistan.

Importance of English language in Pakistan

Actually, the English language is not the official language of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s official and national language is Urdu, and the people who live in Pakistan can speak different languages like Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto, Urdu, Saraiki, etc.

There are 74 other languages people speak in Pakistan.

After the independence of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah declared Urdu as the national language of Pakistan. But also, he gives importance to the English language.

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The English language is taught all over Pakistan from the basic school level to the higher university level.

As the English language is the official language of the world for the people of Pakistan it plays a very important role.

Most Pakistani students want to go to foreign countries to study higher education. To survive in foreign countries, they must learn and speak English fluently.

In Pakistan, the people’s mother tongue is not the English language. Pakistani students learn the English language as a second language.

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They put a lot of effort into learning the English language as a second language.

As a child learn their mother language very easily because in learning their mother tongue there is no grammar or rules for learning the language. Their parents only speak to them and they learn their mother tongue.

But for learning a second language. They made a lot of effort and faced a lot of problems. It’s very difficult to learn the English language as a second language.

Here I will discuss all the problems that Pakistani students face in learning the English language.

Top 10 Problems Faced by Pakistani Students in Learning the English Language

Top 10 Problems Faced by Pakistani Students in Learning the English Language

In Pakistan, the students study most of the subjects in the English language and they learn the English language from school to university but mostly the students cannot speak the English language fluently.

There are a lot of reasons and problems that students face in learning the English language, and after 16 years of study, they cannot speak the English language fluently.

Now I am going to discuss all the problems and difficulties that the students faced in learning the English language, and also discuss the possible solutions for that.

1. Using Different Native Languages in the Classroom

Mostly the Pakistani students faced this kind of problem in the English Language Classrooms.

Those students who are learning the English language mostly belong to the rural areas where they speak their native languages.

And in the English learning class due to the habit of speaking their native language, they speak their native language during the class instead of the English language.

This is the biggest problem for the students learning the English language. Due to this they cannot focus and try to speak the English language.

and the English learning process is ruined due to this.

2. Unqualified Teachers Teaching English Language

The unqualified teacher who teaches the English language is the biggest problem that students face in learning the English language.

Mostly in Pakistan, the teachers are not eligible to teach the English language.
Some schools hire unqualified teachers to save money. Or hire teachers who are not specialized in the English language.

They teach the students the wrong way or the wrong thing because they don’t have the knowledge about the teaching of the English language.

The students didn’t learn properly and the learning English language process was ruined.

3. Bad Study Environment

The environment plays a vital role in the learning of the English language.

Mostly the students faced this kind of problem while learning the English language. The disturbing and irrelevant environment ruins the study’s learning process.

Mostly the environment of the classrooms is not suitable for the English learner.

In the classroom, if some of the students are busy talking to each other then the other students get disturbed.

It is a very important responsibility of a teacher to control the class environment and prevent disturbance.

Teachers have to care for the environment in which the students feel comfortable and feel free to ask questions and learn new things.

Learning depends a lot on the environment if the environment is good enough then the students feel more comfortable and get motivated to learn.

4. Students Don’t Take Their Study Seriously

In learning the English language some of the students didn’t take their studies seriously. They didn’t take an interest in learning the English language.

They come due to the force of their parents.

Those students didn’t fit into the education system of the English language and took the study as a joke.

They didn’t take their study seriously and disturbed the other students by making noise in the classrooms and doing other kinds of activities during the lectures, Through this, the other students got disturbed and all the English learning processes was ruined.

5. Parents Didn’t Encourage

This is also one of the problems that most students face in learning the English language.

Their parents didn’t support or encourage them to learn the English language. They make their child busy with different kinds of work.

Or they force them to do jobs and work and make money.

Parents must encourage and support their children to study and learn what they want.

The above all are the problems I discussed which the students faced in learning the English language.

6. Students Dependent on Teacher

In Pakistan, mostly the students are dependent on their teachers. They didn’t do anything by themselves. They do what the teachers tell them to do.

Sometimes the teachers do not teach them the right thing or the things they are supposed to do.

Due to this, the students didn’t learn more and more things. They only learn within the boundary of what teachers teach to them.

7. The wrong Syllabus Follow in Teaching English Language

In Pakistan schools, colleges, and universities, there is no proper syllabus for learning the English language.

This is the basic need for the study of trained teachers, a proper syllabus, and a suitable environment. If one of them is missing, then all the learning processes are ruined.

Learning the English language or any other education requires a proper syllabus for that.

8. The High Strength of the Class

The strength of the class also causes a lot of problems in learning the English language. If the strength of the class is high, then the students get disturbed in the class and cannot learn properly.

Also, teachers cannot manage the high strength of the class and cannot teach properly to the students.

The high strength of the classrooms disturbed and made noises during the lectures and disturbed all the students.

And the process of learning the English language is ruined.

9. Strong Students Dominant Classroom

Strong Students Dominant Classroom is one of the most common problems most students face in learning the English language, no matter how the classroom is sorted there still be a difference between the strong students and weaker students.

Mostly the stronger students dominate the classroom, mostly the teachers give a good response and help the strong students, but don’t respond enough to the weaker students and they don’t learn effectively.

10. Low Confidence Level

The low confidence level is also one of the most common problems students face in learning the English language. Mostly the students feel shy and hesitant in speaking English in the classroom and they cannot learn the English language effectively.


The journey of learning the English language is not without its challenges. Students encounter various obstacles that hinder their progress and success.

From classrooms with diverse native languages to unqualified teachers, these issues often create a suboptimal study environment.

Moreover, the lack of motivation and encouragement from parents, as well as excessive dependency on teachers, further impacts students’ ability to grasp the language effectively.

The adherence to inappropriate syllabi and large class sizes also contribute to the difficulties faced by students.

Additionally, strong students dominating the classroom can hinder collective growth while low confidence levels become a barrier to self-expression.

Acknowledging these hurdles is crucial in addressing them effectively. Educators, parents, and educational institutions need to work together to create an inclusive and supportive environment for English language learners.

By implementing tailored teaching strategies, promoting student engagement, and providing additional resources or support, we can empower struggling learners to overcome these obstacles and achieve their full potential in mastering the English language.

It is evident that Learning English requires more than just academic efforts; it necessitates collaboration among all stakeholders involved.

With concerted efforts, we can create an environment that fosters successful language acquisition and opens doors of opportunities for every student.


1. How Does Having Unqualified Teachers Affect Students’ Progress in Learning English?

Having unqualified teachers can significantly hinder students’ progress in learning English. Without proper qualifications and expertise, teachers may struggle to effectively teach essential language skills and concepts.
This can lead to confusion, poor understanding, and limited language development for students. It is crucial for students to have qualified instructors who possess the necessary knowledge and teaching methods to support their English language learning journey.

2. In What Ways Does Student Dependency on Teachers Affect the Learning Process of English?

When students become overly dependent on their teachers, it can have a negative impact on the learning process of English.
This dependency hinders their ability to develop independent language skills and problem-solving abilities.
Students who rely heavily on their teachers may struggle to think critically or express themselves confidently in English.
Encouraging self-reliance and fostering a sense of autonomy in language learning is crucial for students to effectively gain proficiency in English.

3. What are the Difficulties and Problems in Learning English Grammar?

Learning English grammar can present various difficulties and problems for learners. These challenges include understanding complex sentence structures, memorizing rules and exceptions, correctly applying tenses and verb forms, and finding the right balance between formal and informal language.
Learners may struggle with pronunciation patterns, syntactical nuances, and the vast vocabulary associated with English grammar.
However, by adopting consistent practice, utilizing resources such as grammar guides or apps, and seeking help from teachers or language exchange partners, these obstacles can be overcome steadily over time.

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