Top 10 Reasons Why Modern Technology is Bad for Students in Education

The basic aim of this article is for people to know about the Reasons Why Modern Technology is Bad for Students in Education.

As we all know that the traditional world is converting to the technological world very fast. Every person is compiled to use technological devices and gadgets to make easy their work.

Technology is involved in every field of the world. It’s very difficult to find out any kind of field in which technology is not involved.

Technology has a lot of advantages or we can say benefits in the field of education and study. Teachers and Students both used the technology for study and learning purposes.

But there are also a lot of bad effects of modern technology on students and teachers.

Top 10 Reasons Why Modern Technology is Bad for Students in Education

Top 10 Reasons Why Modern Technology is Bad for Students in Education

All the reasons for which I research and observed how technology is bad for students in education are given below.

1. Modern Technology Effects on the Creativity of the Students

Modern technology mostly affects the creativity of students.

Students like to use technological devices and gadgets for study and learning. They didn’t want to use their minds to solve problems.

There are a lot of technological gadgets and devices in the market which is specially made for the purpose of student study.

Peoples think that these devices and gadgets are very helpful for students. It helps them in learning and studying, that is true.

But we didn’t see the dark side of those gadgets and devices that how it affects the student’s mind and how it damages the creativity of students.

students doing their mathematics homework and for a small calculation, they used the calculator. They cannot do even a small calculation by themselves.

By this example, we can observe how technology damages the mind and creativity of the students. How much they depend on technology.

This is one of the worst effects of modern technology on students in education.

2. Modern Technology Mostly Distracts the Students

Modern technology is the biggest weapon of distraction for students. It distracts mostly the students from studying and learning.

Nowadays I observed our society. Modern technology mostly distracts students from studying and learning.

They are mostly busy using modern technological gadgets and devices (like mobile phones, televisions, tablets, iPad, etc.)

Such kinds of devices students used during their study time. They watch videos, movies, songs, play video games, etc.

Nowadays one of the most famous video games PUB G is very popular. All the students get addicted to this game. They every time busy playing PUB G and didn’t want to study and learn.

By this, they get distracted from their life goals and ambitions and waste their precious time playing video games and watching movies, etc.

3. Students too much Depend on Modern Technology

With too much use of modern technological devices and gadgets in the classrooms to study, students completely depend on them.

If the students get dependent on technology then they cannot do anything without the technology.

When I start researching technology’s bad effects on students I visit the different schools and colleges in my area where technology is used in the classrooms for lectures delivery,

And I observed that most students depend on technology, without technology they are nothing.

I sit in some of the classrooms where the students present their presentations and they used the computer and projector to present their presentation topics to the else students.

And I observed that without the projector and computer, they cannot present their presentation topic to the else students.

They totally depend on technology.

4. Modern Technology Mostly Wastes the Precious Time of the Students

Time is most the precious thing for students.

The important thing for the students is to manage their precious time and spend a lot of time in study and learning.

But by the usage of modern technology students spend a lot of time sitting in front of technological devices and gadgets.

Most of the time students used technology for entertainment and to distract themselves from their life ambitions, goals, study, and learning.

They always want to watch movies, videos, and songs, play video games, and waste their precious time doing these unimportant things.

5. Modern technology affects the student’s health

From the aspect of students, modern technology also creates problems for students related to their health.

Students are concerned mostly with digital technology. The extreme use of digital technology, it creates different kinds of health problems for students.

The extreme use of modern technology affects the mental health of the students which causes loneliness and social isolation of the students from other people.

Some of the health problems caused by the extreme use of technology are given below:

1. Headache

The extreme use of technological devices and sitting in front of screens for a long time causes headaches.

2. Neck ache

Neck ache is also caused by the extreme use of technology.

3. Eyestrain

Through the extreme use of technology, students get an addiction to technology and it affects their eyes sight and sometimes they feel eye strains.

4. Depression

Depression is also caused by the extensive use of technology in students. They always sit in front of technological devices which also affects their brains and causes depression.

5. Anxiety

Technology also causes anxiety problems in students.

So these are the health problems in students caused by the extensive use of modern technology.

6. Wrong Information and Misguided

Most of the time students didn’t want to question the teachers or the other students’ fellows.

They start searching on finding the answer to the questions in their mind on the internet.

The Internet is known as the world of information and content. Any kind of information and content can easily be found on the internet.

But sometimes the information and content available on the internet are wrong. There is no authenticity that the information I read is right or wrong.

Students get misguided by this kind of wrong information they access from the internet.

7. Loss of Social and Human Connections

The loss of social and human connections is also one of the bad effects of modern technology on students.

Our society and the peoples in our society matters a lot to the students. They have to learn how to live in a society and how to make relations with the people in the society.

Actually, this is the main purpose of study and education to learn the living and relations with the people in society.

But modern technology produced a lot of distance between students and society people. With the extensive use of modern technology, students slowly go far away from society.

They are always busy using different kinds of modern technological gadgets and devices and didn’t want to do anything else.

Students get disconnected from the real world.

8. Students can Easily Cheat on Exam

Modern technology creates enough opportunities for students to cheat in-class quizzes or exams. They can easily cheat on exams with the help of modern technological devices and gadgets.

When I go to schools and colleges observation of the bad effects of modern technology on the students,

I observed that the students used mobile phones in the exam hall to attempt their papers or quizzes.

They used mobile phones and attempt their paper from books, the internet, and notes, etc. save on their mobile phones.

9. Students Copy the Assignment of Other Fellows

Nowadays most universities, colleges, and even schools offer that the students attempt their assignments and quizzes online through the internet from their homes.

It is good but the problem with it is the students copy the assignments and quizzes from the other student’s fellows and submit them to their teacher and it’s very difficult for the teachers to check every student’s assignments.

By these students get a chance to cheat in attempting their assignments and quizzes.

10. Loss of Teacher’s Interactions with the Students

With the use of technology in the study of education, mostly the teachers and students also depend only on technology.

It decreases the interactions between teachers and students.

Students didn’t want to ask questions or answers about the topic in their minds. They only depend on computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

Learning the different kinds of teaching methods and interactions between teachers and students play a very important role in education.

But by the extensive use of modern technology, the students are bound to the technology and didn’t want to interact with the teachers and it’s bad for them.


The usage of modern technology is good but to use it is a limit. It’s essential to know and consider the bad effects of modern technology before using it in education.

I am not saying that we have to not use modern technology in our study and learning process, we have to use it in our study and learning, But to use it to a limit.

We have not to depend completely on technology. We have to do some kind of learning activities in the study and learning other than using technology.

I believe that activity learning is very important in the study. Due to the activities in the study, students can learn very effectively.


What are the Negative Effects of Technology on Education?

Decrease face-to-face interaction, distraction from technology, overreliance on technology, decrease social skills, and decrease communication skills, are to most notable negative effects of technology in education.

Is Technology Good or Bad for Education?

Most educators today are keenly aware of the growing role that technology plays in education. There is a great deal of research that demonstrates the positive impact that technology can have on student achievement, but there is also a body of work that suggests that technology can have negative consequences.

How is the Technology Affecting Students?

There are a lot of ways technology affects students in a bad way, It can lead to distractions and reduced focus, as students are constantly tempted by social media platforms, online gaming, and other entertainment websites.

So, these are the Reasons why Modern Technology is Bad for Students in Education. I hope you learn a lot from this article.

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If you have any kind of questions about technology use in education so you can ask me in the comment section below. I will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading

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