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problems faced by students in learning English Language

In this article, you will know all about the Problems Faced by Pakistani Students While Learning the English Language.

You go anywhere in the world people can speak the English language and understand it. The English language is a common language in the world.

Without language, it’s very difficult for people to share their thoughts with other people. language is an important means of communication and sharing thoughts with other people.

before going toward the problems faced by students, First, I would like to say something about the importance of the English language in Pakistan.

Importance of English language in Pakistan:

Actually, the English language is not the official language of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s official and national language is Urdu, and the people live in Pakistan can speak different languages like Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto, Urdu, and Saraiki, etc.

There are 74 other languages people speak in Pakistan.

After the independence of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah declared Urdu as the national language of Pakistan. But also, he gives very importance to the English language.

The English language is teaching in all over Pakistan from basic school level to higher university level.

As the English language is the official language of the world so for the people of Pakistan it plays a very important role.

Mostly Pakistani students want to go to foreign countries to study higher education. For surviving in foreign countries, they have to learn and speak the English language fluently.

In Pakistan, the people’s mother tongue is not the English language. Pakistani students learn the English language as a second language.

They do a lot of effort in learning the English language as a second language.

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As a child learn their mother language very easily because in learning their mother tongue there is no grammar or rules for learning the language. Their parents only speak to them and they learn their mother tongue.

But for learning the second language. They did a lot of effort and faced a lot of problems. It’s very difficult to learn the English language as a second language.

Here I will discuss all the problems that the Pakistani students face in learning the English language.

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Problems Faced by Pakistani Students While Learning the English Language:

In Pakistan, the students study most of the subjects in the English language and they learn the English language from school to university but mostly the students cannot speak the English language fluently.

There is a lot of reasons and problems that the students face in learning the English language, by which after the 16 years of study they cannot speak the English language fluently.

Now I am going to discuss all the problems and difficulties that the students faced in learning the English language, and also discussed the possible solutions for that.

1. Bad Study Environment:

The environment plays a very important role in the learning of the English language.

Mostly the students faced this kind of problem during learning the English language. The disturbing and irrelevant environment ruins the study’s learning process.

Mostly the environment of the classrooms is not suitable for the English learner.

In the classroom, if some of the students are busy talking to each other than the other students get disturbed.

It is a very important responsibility of a teacher to control the class environment and prevent disturbance.

Teachers have to care for the environment in which the students feel comfortable and feel free in asking questions and learning new things.

Learning depends a lot on the environment if the environment is good enough then the students feel more comfortable and get motivated to learn.

2. Using Different Native Languages in the Classroom:

Mostly the Pakistani students faced this kind of problem in the English Language Classrooms.

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Those students who are learning the English language mostly belong to the rural areas where mostly they speak their native languages.

And in the English learning class due to the habit of speaking their native language, they speak their native language during the class instead of the English language.

This is the biggest problem for the students of learning the English language. Due to this they cannot focus and try to speak the English language.

and the English learning process ruin due to this.

3. Students Don’t Take Their Study Seriously:

In learning the English language some of the students didn’t take their study seriously. They didn’t take an interest in learning the English language.

They come due to the force of their parents.

Those students didn’t fit in the education system of the English language and take the study as a joke.

They didn’t take their study seriously and disturbed the other students by making noise in the classrooms and do other kinds of activities during the lectures, by this, the other students get disturbed and all the English leaning process ruin.

4. Unqualified Teachers Teaching English Language:

The unqualified teacher teaches the English language is the biggest problem that students faced in learning the English language.

Mostly in Pakistan, the teachers are not eligible for teaching the English language.
Some schools hire unqualified teachers due to saving money. Or hire teachers who are not specialized in the English language.

They teach the students the wrong way or the wrong thing because they didn’t have the knowledge about the teaching of the English language.

By which the students didn’t learn in a proper way and all the learning English language process ruin.

5. Students Dependent on Teacher:

In Pakistan, mostly the students are dependent on their teachers. They didn’t do anything by themselves. They do what the teachers told him to do.

Sometimes the teachers do not teach them the right thing or the things which are supposed to do.

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Due to this, the students didn’t learn more and more things. They only learn in a boundary of what teachers teach to them.

6. The High Strength of the Class:

The strength of the class also causes a lot of problems in learning the English language. If the strength of the class is high then the students get disturbed in the class and cannot learn properly.

And also, teachers cannot manage the high strength of the class and cannot teach in a proper way to the students.

The high strength of the classrooms disturbed and make noises during the lectures and disturbed all the students.

And the process of learning English language ruins.

7. The wrong Syllabus Follow in Teaching English Language:

Mostly in Pakistan schools, colleges and universities there is no proper syllabus for learning the English language.

This is the basic need for the study of the trained teachers, proper syllabus, and a suitable environment. If one of them is missing then all the learning processes ruined.

Learning the English language or any other education we required a proper syllabus for that.

8. The parent didn’t Encourage:

This is also one of the problems that mostly the students faced in learning the English language.

Their parents didn’t support or encourage them to learn the English language. They make their child busy in different kinds of works.

Or they enforce them to do jobs and works and make money.

Parents have to encourage and support their children to study and learn what they want.


The above all are the problems I discussed which the students faced in learning the English language.

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