Digital Campaigner for Environment Job in America 2020
Digital Campaigner for Environment Job in America 2020

Digital Campaigner for Environment Job in America 2020


The damage we’re doing to the earth is both unsustainable and infuriating. Climate change is speeding up. Plastic pollution is piling up. There’s even evidence that global deforestation is spreading diseases like COVID-19. But solutions to these problems are all around us, practically begging us to adopt them: solar and wind power, electric cars and buses, more walkable and “bikeable” cities, sustainable alternatives to harmful single-use plastics, more protections for wild places and wildlife, and on and on. Environment America’s mission — the thing that drives everything we do — is to transform our ideas and imaginations into change that makes our world a greener and healthier place.

Imagine using your sharp writing skills to protect a national forest from logging. Imagine creating unique, engaging digital content to help a clean energy bill make it over the finish line. Imagine running online campaigns to build organizational power — the funds, the membership, the activist base, and more — that it takes to keep all of this critical work going for the long haul.

That’s what you’ll do with Environment America. In today’s world, we can reach even further and build more power with online tools. You’ll take the lead on your own digital campaign to protect our environment, and you’ll work creatively with our campaign teams to develop powerful digital strategies to reduce global warming pollution, grow wind and solar power, keep our beaches, rivers and streams clean, protect our wildlife and wild places, or hold polluters accountable when they violate our environmental laws.

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This work has never been more urgent or challenging. The mantra of “economic growth at any cost” is degrading the quality of our environment and wasting the natural resources that make our lives possible. At the same time, the opportunity to pivot to a greener, healthier way of living is at hand. Rising to this challenge is our mission and our cause. If you see it as your mission too, this is the place for you.

RESPONSIBILITIES in Digital Campaigner for Environment Job in America 2020

  • Take the lead on independent projects to protect our planet using digital tactics
  • Work creatively with campaign teams across Environment America to collaborate on engaging, unique, and strategically powerful digital products
  • Use your skills of graphic design and develop new ones to amplify digital strategies
  • Write emails and campaign actions that you’ll send to hundreds of thousands of supporters
  • Design and curate content for social media, and engage with our national community online
  • Develop partnerships and creative online tactics to build our audience, raise money, and bring us closer to reaching our campaign goals
  • Keep your projects on track, hold people accountable to their deliverables, and communicate regularly with your team
  • Additional responsibilities as assigned

QUALIFICATIONS for Digital Campaigner for Environment Job in America 2020

  • Can write persuasively and boil complex issues down to a single sentence
  • Are creative in your problem-solving
  • Are excited to learn new digital tools and skills
  • Have had some leadership experience and enjoy working in teams
  • Are graphically-minded and artistically creative
  • Have an opinion about what works online and can point to examples to back it up
  • Sweat the details
  • Feel passionate about protecting our clean air, clean water, and open spaces
  • Have excellent judgment and discretion and the ability to oversee significant projects
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COMPENSATION & BENEFITS in Digital Campaigner for Environment Job in America 2020

The target annual compensation for this position is $28,000-$30,000 in the first year. The Public Interest Network offers a competitive benefits package. We also offer an excellent training program and opportunities for advancement.

LOCATIONS of Digital Campaigner for Environment Job in America 2020

We’re currently hiring for positions in multiple locations across the country, including Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, and Denver. If you’re flexible, you can apply for multiple locations. For the foreseeable future, all of our staff are working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We accept applications on a rolling basis. The position can start immediately or in August 2021. To see a list of all of our positions.

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