Competitive Strategy and Marketing Specialist Job in America 2020
Competitive Strategy and Marketing Specialist Job in America 2020

Competitive Strategy and Marketing Specialist Job in America 2020

Essential Responsibilities for Competitive Strategy and Marketing Specialist Job in America 2020:

The Competitive Strategy team member will be responsible for managing and carrying out research & analytics, concept ideation, and identify new “non-core” or emerging markets globally.

The analysis will be carried out in the following areas:

• market analytics

• segmentation

• value chain analysis

• industry analysis

• participation analysis As an active member of the dynamic multidisciplinary experienced team,

you will take areas of macro interest generated by thought leadership groups AND ideation workshops, through a broad three-step process. First, create a Competitive Strategy Market & Concept initial framing. Gathering all innovation leads in the organization, you will map the innovation concepts/projects according to expected return and innovation risk (based on evidence). Second, develop Participation Analysis – Evaluate the exploration concepts and innovation portfolio of ideas, assessing which are likely to generate the returns expected to Evaluate all ideas & identify the most promising ones based on strategic ambitions and risk appetite. Finally, validate the concept ideas enough to understand them, and define what would be required to de-risk them sufficiently. The testing of business models may be carried out to reduce risk and uncertainty. Continue to test and de-risk the most promising ideas and improve the business model to optimize expected return, before handoff to the Innovation and Offer Development group.

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Key Leadership skills required for Competitive Strategy and Marketing Specialist Job in America 2020

  • Envision & Motivate – create an environment where successful entrepreneurial thinking and innovation can take place.
  •  Question fundamental assumptions such as current business models
  •  Pattern recognition – turning evidence from analysis and assessment into better (differentiated) value propositions and business models.
  •  Pivot – (the ability to make significant changes to one or more elements of a business model, based on new evidence or hypothesis)
  • Business Model generation

Key Personal Characteristics for Competitive Strategy and Marketing Specialist Job in America 2020

  • Resourceful – often working with limited information or unclear contexts you are able to achieve tangible deliverables.
  •  Questioning – both challenging and pushing to achieve new ideas.
  • Extreme Adaptability – fast pace and change are normal.
  •  Perseverance – success is sometimes unclear, and not all ideas will be adopted.

People would describe you as in Competitive Strategy and Marketing Specialist Job in America 2020:

• Deeply curious – you can translate ideas from one industry to another, and move between different ideas quickly; you are intellectually agile.

• An Independent thinker – willing to operate on your own with minimal support from others. You are comfortable standing apart from the herd –

• Inventive – you can generate new ideas and explore new possibilities; Discern useful patterns from large amounts of information; Easily navigate big picture questions, granular questions, and complex domain matter expertise.

• Risk Tolerant – break big ideas into smaller testable hypotheses. You feel comfortable making decisions and recommendations with incomplete or contradicting information. You can deal with complexity and ambiguity.

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• Market-oriented – you see the market and financial potential of new concepts and can turn that into a concrete value proposition and business model. You are comfortable constantly adapting models based on feedback “from the field” and evidence from business experiments. You obsess over solving the customer’s challenges.

• Pragmatic and experienced – you understand and have experienced actions and decisions which will substantially move the needle. You have a strong no-nonsense radar.

Domain Knowledge for Competitive Strategy and Marketing Specialist Job in America 2020

  • Diversity, knowledge, and experience gained from running a business (with Profit & Loss responsibility), &/or Sales accountability, in an Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, or Industrial business line (any or all domain areas).
  •  You may have Domain expertise in the following:
  •  Digital
  •  Midstream / Downstream
  •  Upstream
  •  Industrial
  • Power
  • Geographic work history diversity desirable
  • Worked extensively with/or as a Customer to gain deep insights into customer challenges and thinking.
  • You may have Functional Experience in or more of the following domains:
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Customer intimacy

Project Development Qualifications/Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Scientific/Engineering discipline with 5+ years’ in Energy (oil and gas, power, industrials, etc.) experience
  • Experience in a dynamic and competitive environment, preferably in technology or
  • business model innovation area
  • Good presentation, oral, and written communication skills. Demonstrates effectiveness in communicating business goals/programs/processes
  • Good analytical, process improvement, and project management skills
  • Cross-functional teamwork with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with shifting priorities
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and stay on schedule in a fast-paced environment. Location: Primary Location: US-TX-HOUSTON-17021 ALDINE WESTFIELD Additional Location: GB-LONDON-201 TALGARTH ROAD.
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