Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging for Students in Education

In this article, I will let you know about the “Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging for Students in Education”.

Before going to the advantages and disadvantages of blogs and blogging for the students in education. I would like to say something about blogs and blogging and what is blogs and blogging.

In past days we write daily routines in personal diaries. a blog is a public or online diary. You can share your knowledge and experiences with people around the world by writing online blogs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging for Students in Education

Blogging is a kind of activity writing online articles and blogs, and the person who writes blogs is known as the blogger.

Blogging is a very beautiful and interesting field. Through blogging, you can learn a lot of things. There is a lot of benefits of blogging for the students.

There is a lot of students who start blogging from their school times, and there is also a lot of students who didn’t even know what is blogging.

The basic aim of this article is for students to know about blogging, the benefits of blogging, and the disadvantages of blogging for them.

Advantages of Blogging for Students in Education

The advantages of Blogging for the students are given below:

Benefits of Blogging for Students

1. Blogging Improves the Writing Skill of the Students

Blogging improves the writing skills of students. In blogging, students write different kinds of articles and blogs which improves their writing skills.

Here I will discuss a few statements by which we can say that blogging improves writing skills.

  1. Due to writing blogs, you will get the knowledge of writing the correct sentences and choosing the right wording for the sentences and situations.
  2. By blogging, students can get the habit of writing blogs daily.
  3. The readers give students feedback on your blogs which gives students the motivation of writing more and more blogs and by this, your writing skill gets to improve.

2. Students Learn New Things Through Blogging

One of the best benefits of blogging for the students is they can learn new things daily.

For writing blogs, students read different kinds of articles and blogs from the internet and collect the data for their blogs by which they can learn new things and improve their knowledge.

Students can read the blogs of others and know from the perspective of other peoples and learn new things from them.

Blogging improves a lot of knowledge of students.

3. Blogging Produced Creativity in Students

Reading and writing blogs produced creativity in the students.

By reading and writing blogs students get a lot of knowledge and learn a lot of new things. They know from other people’s perspectives.

Which can change their mindsets? They start different thinking about everything and produced creativity in everything.

Students start utilizing their knowledge and produced creativity in everything. They start thinking out of the box.

4. Students can Earn Money from Blogging

As a student, it’s very difficult for them to manage money for their expenses and study. Students can also earn money from blogging.

This is one of the best benefits of blogging for the students. That they can utilize their creativity and writing skills online to make useful content for the people and can earn from it.

Here I will discuss the ways how students can earn money from blogging.

Earn Money from Blogging

  1. Students can do affiliate blogging with amazon and sell their products and get a commission from them.
  2. Students can advertise their blogs and earn money from them through advertisements.
  3. They can sell backlinks from their blogs to other bloggers.
  4. Students can also earn money from guest posts.
  5. They can create a blog for other people and get money from them.

5. Students can Learn SEO in Blogging

From blogging, students can learn SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO is very important for today’s technological world. It plays a very important role for the people who are doing online activities.

Through SEO students can rank their blogs and websites in the top 10 results of the google search engine.

There are 200+ SEO factors by which Google can analyze your blog and ensure that it’s a quality blog and rank it on the first page of the google search engine.

Students can easily learn SEO through blogging.

6. Students can Learn Web Designing Through Blogging

Web designing is the skill of designing websites very effective and professional. Through blogging, students can easily learn web designing.

In blogging students learn all the factors and tactics of making beautiful and looking professional websites.

Bloggers design professional blogs and websites for their selves, and also, they can design professional websites and blogs for other people for the sack of money.

There is a lot of web designing templates and themes available online for them. Which they can use to design responsive websites and blogs.

7. Students can Create their Own content

Blog content is a kind of information written by people on online websites.

Through blogging, students can create their own content or blogs.

They can utilize their knowledge and write their own content or write their perspective about anything they know, and publish it on the internet to help the other people to learn.

This is the best thing for the students that they can share their knowledge and perspective with other peoples throughout the world.

8. Students Connections and communication with others

Blogging creates a connection between students and other people throughout the world.

Students can read the blogs of other people and learn from their perspectives and can also communicate with them.

Writing a blog is a kind of communication, through blogging students can write their perspectives and knowledge and share it with other people.

Also, other people and bloggers can communicate with the students through their blogs. Blogging is a kind of bridge between the students by which they can learn from each other.

9. Blogging Improve Confidence of the Students

Blogging also improves the confidence of students.

Through blogging, students can easily share what is in their minds with other people without any hesitation.

In blogging, they can receive feedback from their readers. The instant feedback of the readers to the students improves their confidence of the students.

They can easily share the knowledge and perspective which is in their mind with others.

10. Students Professional branding

Students can make their professional brand to the world. People from other places throughout the world can know them by their blogs.

The students need to make their professional brand. By which people know him. Blogging helps students to build their professional brands.

11. Students Help Others in Blogging

Helping others is one of the benefits of blogging.

Helping others is very important for students. helping others is one of the main factors of education. If you cannot help others then your education is a waste.

Through blogging, students can share their knowledge and perspectives with other people and helps them in learning.

Students can write blogs for the awareness of the people and publish them on the internet to the global world to help other people.

They can also write blogs on education for the students to help them in learning.

Disadvantages of Blogging for Students in Education

Disadvantages of blogging are given below:

1. Students Distract from the Educational Study

Blogging mostly distracts the students from their study. By doing blogging students get addicted to blogging and earn from blogging.

They always want to do blogging and didn’t give time to study.

This is one of the most dangerous effects of blogging for students. They get distracted from the study.

They give priority to blogging over their educational study, and as a result, it decreases their academic score.

2. Blogging Cause Social Isolation from the People

Blogging mostly causes the isolation of the students from their society peoples. They always want to write new blogs and publish to the world.

They always want to sit in Infront of their laptops or computers and write new blogs, and didn’t want to get disturbed by other people.

Sometimes even they didn’t want to give time to their family members and relatives.

This is one of the worst effects of blogging for the students.

3. Blogging takes a lot of Time

One of the most important things in blogging is time. Blogging wants a lot of time.

Students have to give a lot of time to blogging. They have to work with consistency and passion. They have to research and write blogs as much as they can.

It is a kind of bad effect for the students to give a lot of time to blogging rather than study for their education.


As we all know that everything that exists in this world has its advantages and also disadvantages.

Blogging also has advantages and disadvantages for students in education. It’s very important to know about blogging and its effects on the students.

Before starting blogging, students have to keep in mind all the good and bad effects of blogging for them.

They have to do blogging within a limit of keeping all the benefits and its bad effects on them.


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So, these are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging for Students in Education. I hope you found it useful and helpful.

If you have any kind of questions in your mind regarding blogging, you can ask me in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.


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